Circular open bowl with stylised Peacock handles, ornate with an all round decorative pattern in relief on the bowl and base. Neatly finished with a bead border both on top and bottom rim. Available in different sizes. Can be used as a Fruit Bowl and even as a Trophy.

Size: 12 inch

Available in 6, 8, 10 inches also

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Product Features

  • This article is Silver plated and also referred to as EPNS ( electro plated nickel silver ) By silver plating we are able to impart a silver finish to the metal product.
  • This silver plated article is then treated to a special colourless coating of lacquer. This process of, Anti - tarnish treatment will defer oxidation.
  • If maintained carefully, please read the maintenance card enclosed, the shine will last longer.
  • This product cannot be used to store any cooked hot food. Store this product in a soft cotton cloth.
  • Read further Our Maintenance Tips